Shadow Box



The Shadow Box is our 4,160 sq. ft. walk through haunted house and trail.

The Story

New for 2016 “Sarah’s Story”

On a cold night, a small girl named Sarah was discovered outside of her home by a stranger. The stranger took the scared, little girl to the police who later found her parents deceased in their home. After her parents mysteriously died, Sarah was sent to her Uncle Broderick’s estate. Handed down to him by his mother Agatha, the estate had been in the family for six generations. Even though Sarah’s grandmother owns the estate, she resides in the basement locked away and rarely appears to the family. Many members of the family as well as house hands live at the manor. Sarah’s twin cousins, her great uncle, the butcher, gardener, and maid are amongst those you will find inside the estate. Being new to the household, Sarah isn’t being treated so friendly. How nice are these people who claim to be family? And how well do they take to intruders?

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