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We do not have an age limit at Psycho Path. We leave it up to the parent's judgment on whether or not to bring their children.
Our ticket booth is open from 6:30 pm to 11:00pm on Fridays & Saturdays and 6:30pm to 10:00pm on Thursdays. Our gates open at 6:00 pm and will close at 11:00pm on Fridays & Saturdays and 10:00pm on Thursdays. However, we get everyone who purchases a ticket by gate closing through the park. We encourage you to purchase your tickets online to skip the line.
Psycho Path is located at 1517 East 106th Street North in Sperry, Oklahoma.
From Highway 75 North take 106th Street West and look for the searchlight. When traveling North from Tulsa look for our billboard.
There is a map on our website here.
Tickets can be purchased online and are available to be purchased at our ticket booth from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm every Friday & Saturday night and 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm every Thursday night we are open (see Calendar for dates).
Yes! You can get the early bird special until October 1st, and use the social discount anytime during online checkout. We also do givaway promotions which can be found on our Facebook.
If you have purchased tickets online go directly to the Dark Ride, Shadow Box or Quarantine line. If you won tickets from a radio station, television station, or other contest, or have complimentary tickets, please redeem your paper tickets at Will Call for your actual tickets.
Yes! Psycho Path offers group rates to parties of 16 or more.
 Group ticket sales must be arranged in advance! Tickets must be purchased in one transaction and then distributed to the group. 
Keep Psycho Path in mind for October birthdays, corporate events, church youth group activities, sports team outings, company parties, etc.
 Please call 918.288.7685 or send an e-mail to for more information on group rates, special outings or corporate parties.
The closer it gets to Halloween, the longer our lines get. We suggest our guests arrive early to be near the front of the line. 
It is also a good idea to visit Psycho Path earlier in the season on one of the first weekends Psycho Path is open. This will help to avoid some of the crowd as well.
Fear is different for each individual, but from what our guests tell us by their many screams, yes!
Your tickets are only good for the night you purchased them, we might make exceptions for non-promo or non-discount nights. Rain out tickets can be used on another night.
No, Psycho Path does not give refunds.
Psycho Path does not give refunds. Our job is to scare you! If you purchase tickets and are too scared to board the Scareage or go through Shadow Box, then we have done our job well and you have received good service on our part.
Each Scareage holds eight guests. We fill each Scareage, so there may be a chance of your group being separated.
 About four to eight guests are allowed to enter the Shadow Box at a time.
 18 board the truck for Quarantine.
No, once you board the Scareage there is no turning back. (If there is a medical emergency, the Scareage will return to the first aid station.)
We have a strict policy that our actors do not touch any of our guests, with their body, unless there is an emergency that requires medical attention.  However, we do have monsters that jump out at the guests and get close and may brush against a guest with a prop, but they will not purposely lay their hands on our guests. Our rule is as follows: You don't touch our actors, our actors don't touch you!
Yes, all attractions at Psycho Path are outdoor events. Please dress accordingly.
Since Psycho Path is an outdoor event its operation is dependent on the forces of nature. If there is inclement weather, please call ahead to see if Psycho Path will be open. Call the Psycho Path line at 918.288.7685.
No, we do not allow photography or video recording of any kind. If caught, the card will be confiscated and erased by Psycho Path staff. However we do encourage photos and videos in our courtyard. Feel free to post to our social media sites.
The Dark Ride includes about a 2 minute walk-on, guests then board a Scareage that holds eight people. The Scareage takes you on a journey through the woods that lasts about 20 minutes. At the end of the journey, guests walk about 2 minutes down the exit path.
 The Shadow Box takes about twenty minutes. 
Quarantine is about 20 minutes.
Yes, Psycho Path uses strobe lights, loud noises, and simulated fog in the Dark Ride, Shadowbox, and Quarantine.
No, Psycho Path does not sell alcohol anywhere on the premises. Our guests are not allowed to bring alcohol on the premises either.
Yes, Psycho Path has concessions available for your convenience.
Yes! Please visit Psycho Path's Souvenir Stand located next to the Ticket Booth!
The Dark Ride is a combination of elements of a theme park ride where you ride from scene to scene with the high-intensity scares of the more traditional haunted houses brought together to created a totally new outdoor haunted experience. Being outside gives us the advantage of real fog, real sounds, real smells, real moonlight, and real creatures lurking just out of range of the lights. We regularly hear coyotes and owls howling just over the fence. Knowing those sounds are real only enhances the experience and besides, who isn’t afraid of being in the woods at night? Those brave enough to venture into the Dark Ride will climb into their own Scareage, a custom vehicle, Owner, Victor Marquez designed specifically for Psycho Path. While most outdoor haunts rely on noisy tractors to pull a wagon, the Psycho Path Scareages are so quiet riders will hear leaves rustling or twigs snapping in the darkness. Some of the sounds are man-made, and some are not, but they all combine to enhance the 20 minute journey through the heavily-wooded land. Along the way, you will pass through scenes filled with custom props, buildings, and oh yeah, creatures that spring out when you least suspect it. We offer this final warning: “Once you climb aboard, there’s no turning back”. Riders are not permitted to leave the vehicle after the ride starts, so you’ve got to be up to the challenge of the Psycho Path. We like to say “it may be your only way home.
You and 17 of what will become your closest friends will board a 30 foot 5 ton army troop transportation truck with individual, bolted down paintball guns. Each rider gets his/her own gun. The entire team must work together to shoot Zombie Slime Paintballs, you won't be shooting blanks, and the Zombies won't be standing still. A drill sergeant will instruct and encourage your team throughout the entire ride. Each person will receive a gun full of paintballs, additional paintballs can be purchased during the ride. No personal guns or balls will be permitted on the ride.
Please contact Jesse at 918.288.7685 or at, or message us on our Facebook page.
For more information:
 Call 918.288.7685 or 

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