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  Psycho Path is Oklahoma’s leading outdoor – haunted multi-attraction theme park. We host two events during the year, our main one being “The Psycho Path” in October. Here you will find three attractions: The Dark Ride, The Shadow Box, and Quarentine. You can find more info over these attractions below.


The Dark Ride is a combination of elements of a theme park ride where you ride from scene to scene with the high-intensity scares of the more traditional haunted houses brought together to created a totally new outdoor haunted experience. Being outside gives us the advantage of real fog, real sounds, real smells, real moonlight, and real creatures lurking just out of range of the lights. We regularly hear coyotes and owls howling just over the fence. Knowing those sounds are real only enhances the experience and besides, who isn’t afraid of being in the woods at night? Those brave enough to venture into the Dark Ride will climb into their own Scareage, a custom vehicle, Owner, Victor Marquez designed specifically for Psycho Path. While most outdoor haunts rely on noisy tractors to pull a wagon, the Psycho Path Scareages are so quiet riders will hear leaves rustling or twigs snapping in the darkness. Some of the sounds are man-made, and some are not, but they all combine to enhance the 20 minute journey through the heavily-wooded land. Along the way, you will pass through scenes filled with custom props, buildings, and oh yeah, creatures that spring out when you least suspect it. We offer this final warning: “Once you climb aboard, there’s no turning back”. Riders are not permitted to leave the vehicle after the ride starts, so you’ve got to be up to the challenge of the Psycho Path. We like to say “it may be your only way home.
You and 17 of what will become your closest friends will board a 30 foot 5 ton army troop transportation truck with individual, bolted down paintball guns. Each rider gets his/her own gun. The entire team must work together to shoot Zombie Slime Paintballs, you won't be shooting blanks, and the Zombies won't be standing still. A drill sergeant will instruct and encourage your team throughout the entire ride. Each person will receive a gun full of paintballs, additional paintballs can be purchased during the ride. No personal guns or balls will be permitted on the ride.
On a cold night, a small girl named Sarah was discovered outside of her home by a stranger. The stranger took the scared, little girl to the police who later found her parents deceased in their home. After her parents mysteriously died, Sarah was sent to her Uncle Broderick's estate. Handed down to him by his mother Agatha, the estate had been in the family for six generations. Even though Sarah's grandmother owns the estate, she resides in the basement locked away and rarely appears to the family. Many members of the family as well as house hands live at the manor. Sarah's twin cousins, her great uncle, the butcher, gardener, and maid are amongst those you will find inside the estate. Being new to the household, Sarah isn't being treated so friendly. How nice are these people who claim to be family? And how well do they take to intruders?


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