Tonight is your last chance to see Psycho Path for the season!

CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST! Psycho Path Haunted Attractions is putting on a costume contest tonight, Halloween. First place- $200, Second place- $100, Third place- $50. The contest will take place at 10:00 P.M. To enter you will need to be in costume and you will need to notify our ticket booth or souvenir stand that you wish to compete. The contest will be a live competition so, you will need to be present at 10:00.


Quarantine tickets remain on sale for the final weekend! Check our ticket prices for details.


Tickets Purchased Online Can Be Used Any Night.


Psycho Path Now Has Four Attractions: The Dark Ride, Shadow Box, Rage Cage, and Coming October 9, “QUARANTINE: A HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS PAINT BALL EXPERIENCE!”

It’s not too late to join our team.  If you are interested in being a part of our crew email us or contact us through our Facebook page!



Gates open at 6:00 P.M. and the ticket booth opens at 6:30 P.M. We invite you to mingle, grab a bite to eat from one of our venders, take pictures of our facades and scenery, check out our merchandise, try the LAST RIDE or find a great place in line.  Please note the DARK RIDE and SHADOW BOX don’t start running until dark.


Guest Reviews

“Very well done with great actors!”

“Best haunted attraction in Oklahoma!!!”

“Pretty dang scary.”

“Awesome!! You guys rock! Super Scary.”

“Haunted ride was amazing!…It was 100% worth it! Be back next year.”

“Been on many haunted forest rides. This was the best ever.”



Psycho Path Haunted Attraction

The woods are shrouded by a blanket of fog. All you can see is the narrow path taking you deeper and deeper into the darkness… where creatures wait behind every twist and turn. Your blood suddenly runs cold – you’ve just realized there’s no turning back. You have no choice but to continue. Can you survive the night? I’m afraid the Psycho Path may be your only way home

The Dark Ride

The Dark Ride begins with a journey through the haunted forest on a dark and mysterious path where you will board your Scareage that will take you on a thrilling haunted adventure that will leave you with a chilling experience as you encounter the ghostly creatures that roam the woods.


The Dark Ride is our signature scareage ride through our nearly mile long trail.


Quarantine (New, Starting October 9, 2015)

An engineered virus has infected Psycho Path. Victims display intense aggression and homicidal rage.  The only hope for containing and curing this contagion is you!

Psycho Path dares you to enter quarantine, an all new epic, rescue survival mission. Loaded with sheer terror and LOTS OF PAINT BALLS!!!

Rage Cage and Last Ride

The Rage Cage is a cage like maze. It has been redone and redesigned. It will creep you out. Good luck finding your way out!

The Last Ride is a coffin simulator where you can feel what it’s like to be buried alive!


Shadow Box

The Shadow Box is our 4,160 sq. ft. walk through haunted house and and graveyard.

The Story

Luther had been operating the funeral home since Uncle Eli’s death, continuing to cut up bodies, then reassembling them to make “the perfect family” to replace his dead parents. When the townspeople learned what Luther had been doing for so long they ransacked the place of horrors, destroying what they found of his evil works, including his semi-human creations. Some of the angriest citizens tied a noose around Luther’s neck, and dragged him behind a ‘57 Chevy until his head was pulled away from his body. Then they dismembered the rest of him and dumped the severed pieces of Luther into the local lagoon.

Unknown to the townspeople, one of Luther’s loyal creations plunged into the lagoon to retrieve what he could find of his maker. Willard, as Luther called his creature, carried what was left of him back to the hidden laboratory, deep inside Luther’s funeral home, and set about reconstructing his master.

What the creature, Willard, couldn’t find to complete the task, it salvaged from what was left of Luther’s mangled creations, even using parts of it’s own stitched-together corpse. The creature injected the re-animation serum, and Luther’s remains CAME ALIVE.

The old funeral home stood abandoned for 63 years, until one night when two curious teenage couples took shelter from a lightning storm in Luther’s funeral home. Now there were live victims for Luther’s experiments…and thus began ‘LUTHER’S REVENGE.”


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